Parliament-Funkadelic is an American funk music collective of rotating musicians headed by George Clinton, primarily consisting of the individual bands Parliament and Funkadelic, both active since the 1960s. Their distinctive style (dubbed “P-Funk“) combined funk rhythms with psychedelia, bizarre humor, influences from science-fiction and vocal group music, and outlandish performances, and would have an influential effect on subsequent funk, post-discopost-punk, and hip hop musicgroups of the 1980s and 1990s. Their mid-1970s work would help pioneer Afrofuturism.

The collective’s origins date back to the doo-wop group the Parliaments, formed by Clinton in the late 1950s at a barber shop in Plainfield, New Jersey. Under the influence of artists such as Jimi HendrixFrank Zappa, and Sly Stone in the late 1960s, Clinton began the psychedelic funk sister groups Parliament and Funkadelic, with the former playing an eclectic and more commercial form of funk, and the latter incorporating more influence from rock. The name “Parliament-Funkadelic” became the catch-all term for the multiple bands in Clinton’s stable. By the late 1970s the collective had grown to include dozens of musicians recording and touring under many different related projects. Overall, the collective achieved thirteen top ten hits in the American R&B music charts between 1967 and 1983, including six number one hits.

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